How we work


Have you got a great idea, or did you see something nice on our website? Then we need to know the measurements and materials you have in mind. Send us a sketch or a drawing of your plans, if necessary accompanied by some pictures that explain the situation, or come by and discuss them in our shop.



Based on this information we will estimate how much material and labour we will require to make your ideas reality. We will then translate this to either an estimate or a quote. Making a quote will usually take a few days. 



When we’ve come to an agreement on our plans, we will send a final quote and ask you for a deposit. Once we have received the deposit, we will schedule the project. Based on the size of the project, the projects on our waiting list and the availability of the materials, we will give an estimate on the processing time.

(Note that this is only an indication and can alter due to unforeseen circumstances)



Let’s get started! Once the project is finished we will contact you.

Usually we will give you a call first, if you don’t answer we will notify you by e-mail.



We invite you to our workshop to have a look at the work we’ve done.

We will also make arrangements for delivery (optional) and you can pay the remaining amount by cash or card (no creditcards).

Congratulations, you are now the owner of a true van Steen!




Within the city of Amsterdam we can deliver your project to your home.

Our standard rate is €45,- (incl. btw) per delivery.

This means we come by with one person and a van, so in general we will require some help with unloading.

For deliveries that require the use of a moving lift or more of our staff, different rates apply.


What our clients say about us

Wij hebben Van Steen ons volledige huis van houten vloeren laten voorzien. Na zeer prettig contact en ijzersterk advies ging men aan ‘t werk. Terwijl wij een weekje op vakantie waren, klusten de heren zelfstandig in ons huis. Bij terugkomst konden we onze ogen niet geloven. Het was overduidelijk dat elke millimeter met liefde was gelegd. Van Steen zorgt dat alles klopt, tot in de kleinste details. Het maakte van ons pandje een droomhuis. Inmiddels zijn we alweer in gesprek over boekenplanken en een aanrechtblad! Houthandel Van Steen krijgt van ons een dikke tien.

- Chris & Heleen

Houthandel van Steen
Overtoom 516
1054 KL Amsterdam
T 020 612 83 00