About us

Houthandel van Steen is an artisan cabinetmaker and timber shop with a modern touch, 

located in a former sawmill (since 1960) in the centre of Amsterdam.

In a personal and unfettered way, we design, make and sell beautiful handmade and unique products for people who appreciate authentic materials and workmanship.

True craftwork for a fair price. Our furniture is made for living, and therefore it’s built to last a lifetime.


We also provide our neighbourhood and our city with one of the most important natural resources and building materials: Solid wood.

Moreover, we trade in sheet materials, we process the wood that is brought along by our customers and we are specialised in wooden flooring. It goes without saying that we make sure our materials are produced, harvested and transported in a sustainable and ecological way.

Feel welcome to visit our workshop at the Overtoom 516 to have a look at the possibilities or just to get inspired!

What our clients say about us

I had new floors installed and I love them!! They are beautiful! The customer experience is superb, the attention to detail and workmanship was beyond my expectations. Very happy with the service and would recommend to all. Great friendly team that deliver excellent results. Thank you so much!!

- Jo

Houthandel van Steen
Overtoom 516
1054 KL Amsterdam
T 020 612 83 00