Wooden shelves

We love wooden shelves! We make them floating and of the finest European wood. 

There’s 3 possible ways of mounting them:
– Floating, mounted at the back
– On brackets
– In an alcove, mounted on 3 sides

Select the way you will mount your shelves to calculate your price. Below you’ll find more information about things to keep in mind when ordering your shelves!

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Wooden shelf, to be mounted on brackets

Floating shelves

Shelves mounted in alcove

Our wooden shelves are completely custom made. These are some things to keep in mind when ordering your shelf:

1.Wood type

You can pick the following European wood types: beech, oak, elm, ash or walnut. Look at some examples on our website or even better, stop by our store to see which wood you prefer.

2. Stability

For floating shelves the sturdiness of the wall that the shelves will be mounted on is important. Please let us know where the shelf will be mounted (in a corner, in an alcove or ‘loose’ on the wall) and on what type of wall (brick, concrete or plaster?).

3. Depth

A shelf that will be mounted in an alcove or in a corner can be deeper than a floating shelf, because the side mounting provides more sturdiness. For a floating shelf we advise a maximum depth of 25-30cm, especially if you’re planning to put heavy things like books or tableware on them!


4. Live edge

We source our wood ourselves, so our shelves are made of solid ‘raw’ wood. You can choose to keep the organic shape of the tree in your shelf, we will just remove the bark and sand the shelf so it feels nice and smooth. This is called a ‘live edge’. 

5. Finish

We finish our wooden shelves with oil or varnish to protect them from dirt and moisture. Oil will give the wood a darker, warmer look while the structure of the wood is still tangible. Varnish provides more of a durable protective layer on the wood and is better suited to protect the wood from excessive moisture in wet spaces like bathrooms. Read more about the difference wood finishes here.

Calculate the price of your shelf via the buttons above. 

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